Is Optimism on the Rise?

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Dec 16 2020 67 mins  
Victor Petron's past experience includes stints as commissioner to the United States, 18 years as a parliamentarian, barrister, mediator, arbitrator, businessman and board member.
More recently, Victor asks people what makes them optimistic. The purpose? To help everyone and anyone become more optimistic and to confidently declare that they are “a realistic and infectiously optimistic leader. His underpinning beliefs are “The leader looks like the person in your mirror” & “The Times call for Realistic and Infectiously Optimistic Leaders.”
When I had Victor on the show just a year ago, he had recently opened the first store front, the Centre for Optimism and released his 2nd book, "Optimism: The How and Why". Victor's first book was, Á Case for Optimism".
As well as, an Author, Victor Is a Speaker and educator. He has delivered keynote speeches and run many workshops on how to become more optimistic, optimistic leadership, strategy and innovation. He has given workshops in prisons, schools, universities, boardrooms, NGOs, conferences and retreats from Madrid to India, Australia, New Zealand and the USA and virtually via video and social media. Tune in for a show that will make you smile!