EP 021: Joseph Contes’ Quest: I’m a potted plant. Locations may change but the soil didn’t.

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Dec 20 2020 56 mins  
Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Assistant Director of Student Support Services at University of South Florida, Joseph Contes, shares with us parts of his Becoming Story and quest for knowledge. His Becoming journey has been shaped by his ethnicity, sexual orientation, and being the son of a Military service member. When describing the impact of having to move several times as a child, Joseph said “I’m like a potted plant. Locations may change but the soil remained the same”. Joseph informs us about the various programs at USF, that directly support and assist students who may be struggling with mental illness, low income, or who are emerging from the foster care system. This was a special interview for me. Joseph was a student of mine when he was attending Troy University’s Mental Health Counselor graduate program. Now, I am proud to say, he is a professional colleague.

You can contact Joseph at [email protected] and 727-873-4272

Learn more about USF’S Student Support Programs at https://www.stpetersburg.usf.edu/student-life/student-outreach-program/

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