EP 022: Monica Obando’s Quest: Transform your Self with Hypnotherapy

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Dec 23 2020 50 mins  
Clinical and transpersonal hypnotherapist, Monica Obando, teaches us about what hypnotherapy is and how it helps to identify and change the self-limiting beliefs we formed during childhood. Monica shares parts of her own Becoming Story, moving to the USA from Colombia in her 20’s, and how she went from being an Industrial Designer, to becoming a yoga teacher, and then a Hypnotherapist. She shares stories of her work with clients and describes how transformational hypnosis can be. She even touches on the topic of Past Life Regression and promises to do another episode when she can talk more about the concept of Past Life Regression.

Monica provides hypnotherapy and yoga classes online and in her Tampa, Florida office.

She is also offering classes for parents and children starting early 2021, that will include the use of art.

You can find out more about Monica and hypnotherapy, and contact her on her website www.monicaobando.com

Follow her on Facebook at transformationthroughhypnotherapy

And Instagram: @mobandocoach

Contact me with any questions at [email protected]

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