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Jan 04 2021 119 mins  
#OvercomingCovid Richard Manning President and CEO Americans for Limited Government discusses with Pastor Greg how Pastor overcame Covid and Double Pneumonia at home. Also, taking a stand against election fraud and supporting our Senators and Congressional Members. 202 224 3121 Capitol Switchboard
#RadicalLeft #AmericNeedsGod David Horowitz former radical leftist of the 60's has a Second Edition of Radical Son and also Dark Agenda the war to destroy Christian America We discuss both of these books and how they are road maps to what we are facing today.
#ChinaDeception #StopCommunism Trevor Louden https://www.trevorloudon.com/ How Pro-Beijing Communists Almost Stole the Election for Biden—the Old-Fashioned Way
When I was a kid and when I served in the United States Air Force we knew clearly that communism was our enemy. Today we have a generation that does not understand it and University Professors that promote it. Trevor has been fighting this fight for 30 years.
#DDay2021 Pete Santilli joins us to discuss the latest on January 6th and who we can and can not trust. This is gonna shock many of you.