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Jan 06 2021 120 mins  
#MediaDepravity Dan Gainor Newsbusters Media Research Center discusses the media depravity that is promoting godless behavior. The lack of reporting on the events in DC. The threats and the violence against Senator Josh Hawley should be front page news and the story is buried. Nowhere to be found. It is reported that bricks and knives are staged for Antifa attacks which we have seen before, again media silence. I have direct reports that groups were moved out of neighborhoods because their presence made the neighborhood unsafe because they were supporting the President.
#MoralBankruptcyinDemocraticParty Derryck Green Project 21 Black Leadership Network joins Pastor Greg to discuss the blasphemy that a "pastor" spoke in the House of Representatives. Also to discuss the Georgia Senate election of a "Pastor" who endorses baby killings, pedophilia and sleeping with the flock. How can Georgians do such a thing?
#ElectionFraud David Shestokas discusses the joint session of congress and what could come out of it. Also the recording and relesease of the conversation between the President and Georgia's Secretary of State.