Larry Klayman w Pastor Greg It is Our House Thursday 010721 They can not take it if we do not let them.

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Jan 08 2021 27 mins  
#DeceptionExposed Attorney Larry Klayman joins Pastor Greg to discus the actions or lack of actions related to the election fraud. What does the Senate and the House confirming what over a 1000 sworn and signed affidavits show was a fraudulent election do to our Republic? How dangerous is it that we appear to have lost the Rule of Law? The DOJ, FBI and State Department all appear to be fully corrupted and now enter a President elect who sat atop the Burisma scandal, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Iranian Nuclear procurement, CCP infiltration and stealing of intellectual Property and insertion of Islamic Radicals at the highest levels of our government?

It is our house and we have every right to possess it especially when the occupants are attempting to usurp our rightful and righteous ownership.