Unity In The Spirit Of God PT1 - 1:18:21, 4.09 PM

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Jan 19 2021 15 mins  
The Bible is clear that UNITY in the SPIRIT of GOD is where true UNITY starts. It's how the United States of America was founded and what made the country United. After, and only after believers in Jesus Christ are in unity with the Holy Spirit of God can they become unified with the country and world that do not know Him. This is PT1 of a two part series on being UNIFIED in the Spirit of God and with others. Please SHARE this with others as it is important and timely with all of the political turmoil. Furthermore, please consider a leaving a REVIEW and Five Stars in iTunes and SUBSCRIBE. Lastly, hit that little, itty bitty ALERT BELL below and you won't have to go looking for upcoming episodes.