2: Interview With author Kathy Beckwith

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Jun 19 2020 41 mins  
In this episode we talk with Kathy Beckwith. Kathy talks to us about her audiobook A Mighty Case Against War: What America Missed In Us History Class & What We All Can Do Now. In this audiobook Kathy Beckwith relates a history of America's wars that includes "What America Missed in US History Class." She details why war sells, the fallacies of common justifications for war, true costs of war, and sensible alternatives. A Mighty Case Against War proposes that this culturally supported, deeply entrenched system of governmental violence is simply too costly, destructive, counterproductive, and inhumane to leave unchallenged. An easily listenable book, this is a resource for youth and adult education, peacebuilding activists, and all who have wondered if a world beyond war is possible. She goes back to how she came to write this book, the challenges, the research and shares great advice to new writers.