Season Trailer: The Borough We Became: Queens Residents On Life During COVID-19

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May 25 2020 1 mins  

This past spring, New York City was the center of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States and Queens had the highest numbers of diagnosed cases and hospitalizations. Many Queens residents were living and work­ing on the front lines, providing essential services and supporting family and community members. 

These personal stories were not well documented by the media as news of the pandemic moved at a stunning pace. Without real-time documentation, memories can fade and facts can be misremembered, making it difficult to reconstruct lived experience. After March 20th, as the city was urged to stay at home, we collected first-person accounts from the communities affected in the most acute ways. 

This new season of the Queens Memory Podcast will feature these first-person accounts from our community as we get through this historic pandemic together.