Client Interview: A Spirit Guide + An Entity

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Dec 06 2019 78 mins  

Ep 11. In this episode I’m doing my first interview with a client, Ashley Sondergaard, about her experiences with past lives, releasing an entity, meeting her spirit guide, embodying her true power + so much more!

You’ll really enjoy this episode if…

You’ve been interested in hearing a client's perspective of working with me.

Or! Maybe you’ll find this interesting knowing that I was sweating anxiously about recording an interview. As y’all know I go off on tangents everywhere so taking someone with me required a little more focus and planning.

My intention is to do more interviews like this because it’s so fun talking with people about their experiences within this realm. Let me know what you think of it. OR let me know if you listened and have questions that I or Ashley didn’t answer in this episode.

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