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Oct 25 2019 89 mins  

Ep 8: In this episode, I’m answering listener questions! I truly enjoy hearing from those who listen to the podcast and to answer your questions is so much fun for me. I get to hear more about what you think and it gives me a chance to dive in and think about these topics in this moment. Since I'm always processing in life and in trance, it's good to take time to see where I'm at in this process too.

Here’s what I’m covering in this episode:

  • How we choose our parents and what this can mean for us in this life
  • How many sessions people usually need
  • How past life regression can help with people-pleasing tendencies
  • The reasoning behind 2 individuals experiencing the same past life (i.e. 2 people who say they were Cleopatra in a past life)
  • How past life regression can help when we’re feeling constantly judged by others (or when we’re constantly judging others)
  • Why I don’t do smoking cessation or weight loss hypnosis with clients
  • + more!