Spirit Guide 101: My POV on all things Spirit Guides

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Mar 20 2020 94 mins  

In this episode I'm sharing what I believe about Spirit Guides.
Here is how I’m breaking down this gigantic top:

  • What does the term 'Spirit Guide' include
  • My Spirit Guides (at least the ones I know about): how I met them + the roles in my life.
  • Spirit Guides vs. Higher Self. How they're different how we can use them.
  • How to communicate with our Higher Self or Spirit Guides. Like, how to give them messages and how to get their insights and guidance.
  • And along the way I'll be answering questions that I got from listeners. I reached out on Instagram and got some questions I'll be answering those as well.

Let me know your thoughtful reactions or experience with this topic + any questions that you have that have not been answered. I can't wait for you to listen!

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