Life As A Palm Reader + Seeing My Partner In A Past Life

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Sep 27 2019 76 mins  

This episode is about my past life as a healer and palm reader named Hannah. This is the life I named my crystal singing bowl after because, while it's not a dramatic life, it is heroic in the way it helped me feel more confidence and inner peace. Listen and see! Oh, and I also see my partner Alex in this life. Wondering how I know it was him? Well, have a listen and hear about how I 'see' people in past lives.

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I've become a fan of the anger I feel here and there and have learned to use it in ways that help to make brighter changes in my life rather than feeling bad about being angry or feeling like I'm just always angry and ruminating. Negative emotions aren't bad and can help us stay safe, make changes, and other good things that come from growth.

However, when the negative emotions are circling, excessive and not helpful at all, this is when we want to let that shit go! When we want to let go of something like excessive fear, over-thinking, stressful ruminating thoughts, or other negative spins and circles within us, we need something else to hold on to (such as confidence, peace, openness, curiosity, etc) while we release the excessive and not at all helpful negative spins we get into.

This past-life recap is a great example of a peaceful life that helps me embody more peace, confidence and letting go of the bullshit that I like to keep swirling in the back of my mind.