The Gifts of Anger + Feeling Trapped

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Feb 07 2020 83 mins  

Ep 13. In this episode, I’m talking about a past life regression I had where I was a woman trying to make it in very much a man’s world. A woman grappling with her role as a mother and the work she would rather be doing.

Feeling trapped, angry and jealous were the themes in the past life that I explored.

There were so many little nuggets of wisdom in this PLR for me and I’m hoping that if you struggle with making the right decisions when it comes to the big ones in life or if you struggle with worrying about how others see you, you’ll get some healing or at least another point of view on it all that can give you some clarity.

One of the big takeaways from this session for me was to see my anger and feeling trapped as an indicator that something needs to change in my life. To see these uncomfortable feelings as a portal to a more suitable life for me rather than something to get even more angry about.

Thank you for listening, your emails sharing parts of your stories, and for the reviews. I am so thankful for these conversations and for you!

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