Using the Power of Hypnosis Outside of a Session

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May 15 2020 83 mins  

In this episode, I’m telling you about my experience in using the trance state (hypnosis) in times outside of a proper hypnosis or Past Life Regression session. Knowing this avenue can help us to feel and know more of our power, understand more about ourselves and gain more healing and insights from Past Lives, Spirit Guides, and your Higher Self more often and on purpose when you need it.

Big episode points:

  • Why hypnosis doesn’t feel very different.
  • My personal examples of spontaneous past life healing I did during different Breathwork sessions (led by Amy Kuretsky). These were additional healings specifically on the lives in Episodes 4, 5 & 7 of the podcast.
  • How to notice this state and the knowings that bubble up in your life.

Let me know your experience with this or any questions you may have! Instagram: @PastLives.TourGuide

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