Astrology, Awakening, Intuition, Past Lives + more!

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Oct 16 2020 73 mins  

Meredith McCowan is a professional astrologer in St. Paul, MN. Astrology found its way to her after a lifelong interest in science, metaphysics, astronomy, and spirituality. She practices Evolutionary Astrology which focuses on the Soul's growth & development through lifetimes on the wheel of karma. Meredith is also a dream worker and certified in Reiki and Crystal Healing. You can find out more about her and her services at

Instead of doing a forecast or Astrology 101, we got into the deep end right away! Spectacular since this is where I prefer my conversations to take place. We touch on soul awakening and growth, past lives, intuition, life path, and much more. If you’re anything like me, hearing Meredith talk about astrology always gives me more questions - in the best way! More questions and more motivation to learn about my ancient soul.

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About Jina Seavall

Jina has been helping people feel more in tune with their true nature and vitality since 2002. Using hypnosis and regression, Jina guides clients to experience and learn from Past Lives and their Spirit Guides so they can make the most of this life. Find out more about her work, listen to her podcast Past Lives & the Divine.