026: Serve God With What You Have

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Nov 12 2018 17 mins  

Luke 8:1-3 tell us Joanna was the wife of Chuza, Herod’s steward. We read that she herself received healing from Jesus. As a result, Joanna “provided for them out of [her] own resources” (Lk. 8:3). ‘Provided’ translates the Greek diakoneo. It has been commented that the word “refers almost exclusively to the menial labour of women and slaves, performed for the people of higher rank on whom they were economically dependent”. This woman of high reputation, took it upon herself to support the ministry of Jesus by serving as a servant would.

Women like Joanna supporting Jesus’ ministry was key because Jesus and the disciples had practical needs that had to be tended too. Joann's gratitude was shown in a tangible and practical way. How much more should you serve God with what you have?

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