032: Learning to Choose the Good Portion

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Dec 24 2018 9 mins  

“Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things”. Jesus repeats Martha’s name as a gentle rebuke. He points out her distraction rather than her hospitality. Certainly, he was appreciative of her heart to serve, but at the time discipleship was of more importance. He is on the road to Jerusalem and the cross, and this is one of his final visits in Luke’s Gospel to the home of these dear friends. Martha and Mary need Jesus because He will soon depart from them, and Martha’s busyness distances her from him. 

In contrast, Mary chose the good portion”. The better part that Mary chose was sitting at Jesus’ feet and listening—being a disciple. There will be time later for serving and doing. First, the disciple must learn from the master—otherwise, the disciple’s busyness would lead them to miss crucial teachings from Jesus.

Sounds familiar in your life? Our schedules are jam-packed. We, too, are troubled and distracted. We, too, need to choose the better part—to sit at the master’s feet—to listen and learn from Him and His word. Busyness without sitting at Jesus’ feet first will not further His kingdom. 

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