Ep. 12 - The Role of Defense Attorneys

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Jun 18 2019
Links Criminal Defense Lawyer (Wikipedia) Judges are more lenient after taking a break, study finds (The Guardian) Failure to Appear (Wikipedia) Economic Impact of Sentencing Reform Act Initiatives on the Economy, David Hughes, Ph.D, Clemson University, Clemson Institute for Economic and Community Development, 2.28.14 (PDF, South Carolina State House) Victim offender reconciliation (National Institute of Corrections) ‘Close to a breaking point’: Public defenders walk off job over high caseloads (KATU) Law school was insanely expensive. I have colleagues who came out of law school with a quarter-million dollars in educational debt. Every year that I’ve been a public defender, I have taken on more cases than I had the year before. … I had 531 new cases last year, which is 131 more than the ABA recommends.