Moses' Two Moms: A Mother's Day Tribute to Moms and Stepmoms

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May 06 2020 8 mins  

I’m sure that in Jochobed’s plans for her son’s life, she never imagined co-parenting with an Egyptian princess, but look at how God used each of these women to impact his life. Jochobed provided the spiritual training,  teaching him the ways of our Lord. But Pharaoh’s daughter also helped mold him, providing him a quality education and influence. God knew that Moses needed more than just one Hebrew mom. He needed the influence of both women in order to fulfill the mighty task God had in store for him.

How often do we think we know what our children need, when in reality, we have no clue? Fortunately for Moses, Jochobed was strong in her faith and trusted God with her beloved son. She allowed God to work in ways that made no sense to her, but took life day by day in obedience to Him even when that meant handing him over to a pagan princess. We, too, need to trust Him even when we don’t understand what He’s doing.

Just a note of clarification. last week I introduced voice actors and guest experts. I thought it would add to this podcast, but I’ve been blessed with a number of painfully honest friends and listeners who have confirmed what I suspected as I recorded and edited last week’s episode. The consensus is unanimous. It didn’t work. Apparently, people much prefer my solo style storytelling verses breaking it up with other people. So this week, we’re  back to the original format.

Scripture Background

Exodus 2:1-10

Helpful Resources

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