Shunammite Woman: Cool, Calm, Collected

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Nov 04 2020 13 mins  

Would you call yourself an emotional individual? How do you respond when tragedy hits? Can you handle yourself during a crisis or do you break down into hysterics?

In today’s episode of All God’s Women we look at the Shunammite woman, a take charge woman of few words. But when tragedy hit, she could’t hide the emotions bubbling inside.

2 Kings chapter 4 goes directly from the prophet’s widow to the Shunammite woman. The two could not be more different. One was destitute; the other wealthy. One a widow; the other married. One had two sons; the other was barren. Both, however, needed a miracle, which the prophet Elisha provided.

Isn’t it wonderful that God gave us glimpses of all different women so that we could see all levels of the spectrum? Don’t you love that even if you never tell a soul what you’re feeling, He still knows. He knows the desires of your heart. He knows your deepest heartache. And He’s there for both. He longs to give you all that you need and to comfort you in your time of sorrow. All you have to do is to give it to Him.

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