S2E06 Jim Boggia

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May 05 2019 45 mins  

This chat with Jim Boggia was recorded on the Joco Cruise in March 2019. Jim has been playing music since the age of five, and it shows! As well as being an incredibly talented musician he was a lot of fun to chat to.

Jim played two songs on the podcast:

  • Thunder Road (Bruce Springsteen, 1975)
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Harold Arlen & Yip Harburg, 1939)

Go to the Ukulele Is The New Black YouTube channel for this episode's playlist - it contains these songs as well as others mentioned in the episode.

The audio of "Tune That Thing" was sourced from Angela Brett's excellent YouTube video recorded on the 2019 Joco Cruise. As well as Jim, it featured Paul Sabourin and jean Grae (and a little bit of Night Moves - Bob Seger, 1976). Go watch the video - it's even better with pictures!

The music played in this episode is licenced under a Podcasts (Featured Music) agreement with APRA AMCOS.