Ep1. From the heart of Jo Hendrie

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May 15 2020 46 mins  

Imagine a world...

In our first episode of Imagineers in Isolation, we get comfy at home with local champion of the dramatic arts and CBAA award winner, Jo Hendrie! Join us as Jo shares her wisdom from her long and exciting arts career, imparting with us the wonder of the stage, show, and love for our closest ones. 

Please excuse a few glitches, echos, and audio levels from recording on Zoom, especially when we are laughing and get very excited. We are all working from home. Also, please note that this was recorded while we were under stricter restrictions in April 2020.

While the Imagineers Festival may have been postponed to next year by COVID-19, we at Imagineers always believe in the light at the end of the tunnel. And the silver lining has taken the form of Imagineers in Isolation. Imagineers in Isolation provides the joy, imagination, and entertainment of the festival to the people in isolation,  allowing us to indulge in our creative spirits. After all, this is the true essence of Imagineers.

Imagine the possibilities…

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This episode was produced by students from the University of the Sunshine Coast

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