Ep7. The Tales of Theatre Thespian, Tremayne Gordon

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Jul 31 2020 23 mins  

Imagine a world… 

In our final episode for Season 1 of Imagineers in Isolation, we are honoured to bring you a conversation with actor/writer Tremayne Gordon. With an incredible Fringe resume under his belt, Tremayne has participated in Festivals in Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Brisbane. Most notably in 2018, a production of his play, ‘Train Lines’ won the Theatre, Circus and Dance Award from the Darwin Fringe Festival. In 2017, a production of his play, ‘Player 2’ received a Theatre Award nomination from FRINGE WORLD Festival. Last year, Gordon’s short play, ‘Queenslander’ was selected to be produced and presented as part of Sydney’s inaugural Theatre Travels’, No: Intermission Festival. He has participated in the Australian Theatre for Young People's National Studio as well the Australian Theatre for Young People's National Mentoring Program.

Please excuse the glitches, echos, and audio levels from recording on Zoom. Unfortunately, there were some internet drops and interruptions during this week’s interview. Also, please note that this was recorded while we were under stricter restrictions in May.

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Imagine the possibilities… 

~ Read more about Tremayne’s work - Leaving the Nest, Player 2, What We Saw in the Sorghum Fields, Train Lines

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