“THE MAN WITH TWO AND A HALF FACES” and More Strange, Disturbing True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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Dec 31 2019 59 mins  
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IN THIS EPISODE: A woman in Scotland has never heard silence. Not because of the noise around her – but because of the noise in her! (Never a Moment of Silence) *** We’ve all had a song stuck in our heads – but one woman has had the same song playing on a loop in her brain for the past four years, non-stop. (The Ear Worm) *** From too much noise – to none at all. We’ll meet Ezekiel Eads, a man who had no ears and learned to hear the outside world through his mouth! (The Man With No Ears) *** Syphilis is a nasty disease, especially when it eats your nose. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a social life, as many noseless have learned from personal experience. (The No Noses Club) *** Is it possible that it’s better to have no nose at all than to have an extremely long one? We’ll look at a real-life Pinocchio named Thomas Wedders with a giant proboscis! (A Short Story About a Long Nose) *** Imagine living through life with two and a half faces. No, not like a politician – that’s simply two-faced. I mean living with two noses and three eyes. You’re either an extraterrestrial, or you are William Durks. (Two-And-A-Half Faces) *** What exactly is so alluring about those who cherish virginity? Is it about virtue or is it about something else? (Virginity Tests and Cures)
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