“PLANE FLIES INTO TIME PORTAL” and 9 More True Paranormal Tales, plus a CreepyPasta! #WeirdDarkness

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Feb 24 2020 91 mins  
“PLANE FLIES INTO TIME PORTAL” and 9 More True Paranormal Tales, plus a CreepyPasta! #WeirdDarkness
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IN THIS EPISODE: (Dark Archives episode with stories from November 03-04, 2018) *** 
A university apartment is filled with ghostly voices, shadows and footsteps. *** The playful spirit of a child haunts a home in Canterbury, England. *** A woman hears footsteps in an empty bedroom. *** The biblical story of the witch of Endor. Just a story, or was she a real woman with supernatural powers? *** Did a British Air Force pilot somehow slip into a time portal and fly into the past? *** 87 years ago a fire broke out at the Ohio State Penitentiary – yet somehow, souls still linger there.

(Note: Over time links can and may become invalid, disappear, or have different content.)
“The Haunted University Apartment”: https://tinyurl.com/swc9hue
“The Playful Child Spirit of Canterbury England”: https://tinyurl.com/u5mcuet
“Footsteps In An Empty Room”: https://tinyurl.com/ss9x9aq
“Mystery of the Witch of Endor”: https://tinyurl.com/yx2zxeya
“Pilot’s Mysterious Time Slip Into The Future”: https://tinyurl.com/r34alcy
“Where The Dead Still Linger – History And Hauntings a the Ohio State Penitentiary”: https://www.americanhauntingsink.com/ohiopen/
“Granny’s Last Visit”: https://tinyurl.com/sa3hft8
(CREEPYPASTA) “The Petroglyphs” (from the book “4 Strokes to Midnight): http://amzn.to/2iI0ISf
“The Girl Genius Who Vanished”: (link no longer available)
“Taken By Gypsies”: https://www.americanhauntingsink.com/gypsies/
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