“AMERICAN HELLHOUNDS” and More Terrifying True Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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Apr 25 2020 59 mins  
“AMERICAN HELLHOUNDS” and More Terrifying True Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: Love, money, divorce, anger, and murder. One Pennsylvania family had it all and then some in the late 1800’s. (The Butler County Tragedy) *** Count Saint Germain and Jacques Saint Germain, John and Wayne Carter, the Casket Girls of New Orleans. Despite many years between all of their lives, they all still have one grisly thing in common. All were thought to be, and possibly were, real vampires tied to the Big Easy… a place where real blood-suckers continue to live and roam the streets even now in the twenty-first century. (Vampires of New Orleans) *** They have a long history in the United Kingdom, stalking the moors and fog-carpeted streets in the night. But it appears hounds from Hell have also made their way to the Americas. (American Hellhounds)

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“American Hellhounds” by Brent Swancer for Mysterious Universe: https://tinyurl.com/yczhkvde
“The Butler County Tragedy” by Robert Wilhelm for Murder By Gaslight: https://tinyurl.com/yyn78amz
“Vampires of New Orleans” by Brian Harrison for Exemplore: https://tinyurl.com/ycyy4vjp
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