Managing Methane Leakage in the Oil and Gas Sector

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Mar 25 2019 33 mins  

Isabel Mogstad (Manager, EDF+Business Energy at Environmental Defense Fund), Geoff Walker (Co-founder and Managing Director at Water Street Partners), and Nikos Tsafos (Senior Fellow with the CSIS Energy & National Security Program) discuss how oil and gas companies are moving to reduce methane emissions from their operations worldwide. Listen in as Isabel, Geoff, and Nikos converse about the unique challenges faced by companies in this partner-intensive industry, where decision making is spread across multiple actors and addressing methane leakage will require a high level of cooperation. Isabel and Geoff also highlight the key factors necessary for addressing this issue within the next three to five years.

For more, see EDF’s recent report: The Next Frontier: Managing Methane Risk from Non-Operated Assets