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Jan 23 2018 58 mins  
Episode 14 Claudinho Andres in Santiago, Chile Published 1/22/18 Music In Films Shot With Smartphones SBP Podcast: The Voice Of Mobile Film Shooting music videos with a smartphone is tricky but also quite an advantage over full sized cameras and crew. If you are considering getting creative with your film with regards to mixing footage and music, especially if your music is rhythmic, then take notes while our guest shares his experience and insights. Claudinho Andres Gomez attended the International Mobile Film Festival in April 2017 as a participant with a short music video. His film, Beat the city, was shot with a smartphone and no audio capturing gear while he was studying in New York. He broke the rules set by his instructor and bypassed the norms in his filmmaking studies in order to make his film. The outcome of his experiment is part of the podcast. Claudinho has made films and participated in many film festivals but he surprised us with his candid observations and what he experienced in our film festival in San Diego. Beat The City is currently available at Amazon so, while we cannot share the entire video, we share a link for the trailer with you. As you listen to the podcast, you will find Claudinho is a serious artist. The details and backstory to the making of his film provides a great resource to everyone who is looking to make a music video guided by a story with a message. We also asked him to share The Science Of Music In Films Shot With Smartphones which is available exclusively to our patron subscribers as a bonus episode to this podcast on You will find it at Watch the trailer to Beat The City: Beat The City on Amazon: Beat The City Website: Bonus Podcast - The Science Of Music In Films Shot With Smartphones: Mentioned in Podcast - Sponsor for IMFF 2017 & 18: (Color Grading Software) SBP Podcast Blog: SBP Podcast Website: Facebook: Twitter: Susy Botello on Twitter: copyright 2018 S. Botello Productions. All rights reserved.