Episode 36 - Nothing is what it seems - Gideon Falls #8, Captain America #5, Venom #8, God of War #1

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Nov 20 2018 96 mins  

Greetings Dark Roast Citizens! In this episode, we get some answers but even more questions in Gideon Falls #8, ramp up in the arc finale in Captain America #5, get a deeper look into Eddie’s mind in Venom #8, and learn of some early family dynamics in God of War #1.

But before we get into comics, it was Jerry’s birthday over the past weekend! We’ll be talking more about what happened next week, and the cool Batman statue his friends got him. Aside from that though, we’ve just been addicted to playing Destiny 2, day in and day out!

The coffee we’ll be brewing this week is called Blue Honey roasted by Luna Coffee. If you’ve been following the show at all, you would know that one of our favourite, if not the favourite, coffees we’ve had is the Lemon Tea Daydream roasted by Luna Coffee. We can’t wait to get a taste of this new Blue Honey coffee!

What did you think about this episode? Did you see the twists and turns coming in Gideon Falls? Did you enjoy the reveal in Captain America? What do you think of the Eddie and symbiote dynamic now? Let us know what you think!


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Time Stamps:

Intro: 0:05

Comics segment: 4:56

Start of Gideon Falls #8 discussion: 7:08

Start of Captain America #5 discussion: 22:01

Start of Venom #8 discussion: 42:59

Start of God of War #1 discussion: 1:02:28

Coffee discussion: 1:20:13

The Cosmic Treadmill! / Wrap-Up: 1:24:05


Gideon Falls #8

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Captain America #5

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Venom #8

Click here

God of War #1

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Blue Honey roasted by Luna Coffee


The Cosmic Treadmill!

In this segment, we go through the books that we’ll be covering the following week, to sort of give you a head start so you’ll know what to pick up for the show the following day! We realized that our episodes come out close to a week after the issues come out, and also comes out the day before NCBD! We wanted to make sure that you can hit up your local LCS and grab the issues we’ll be discussing the week after, and hopefully we can start a discussion on the Facebook group before the new episode airs!

On the next episode: Cold Spots #4, Batman #59, Justice League #12, Web of Venom: Carnage Born #1

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