57 - The Babadook (Michael)

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Oct 20 2015 51 mins  
We round out our series of spooky movies this year with Michael's pick, the Babadook. It's a movie so scary that we brought back a third host to share the burden with us, the wordsmith McDoodles! Much like Signs, this movie's got a surface level story about a monster in your closet coming to get you. But what really makes this movie shine is that the monster is a metaphor for something deeper, something we've all struggled with in life. Something that keeps us all up at night. Really, once you get the metaphor this movie becomes way more genius than it is scary.Speaking of scary, last time we heard from James he was chasing Ryan out when he finally accepted the 90s. You know what, I bet Ryan had his own Babadook like struggle with accepting the 90s, as his breakdown over it really mirrors the mother's in this week's film. Anyways, James gives us an update on how Ryan's been digesting all this new information. Again, just like the Babadook, the 90s stick with you forever. And the more you shove them away, the stronger the 90s get. Nostalgia is one scary creature. You know what, I'd watch this metaphorical movie [email protected]@FuaRockPodcastyoutube.com/hyperdrivepics@StevenZurita@TouchButtPro And check out our pal McDoodles at:@Mr_McDoodles