Charlie Cook: Is There a Democratic Wave Coming In 2018?

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Nov 22 2017 44 mins  

It’s only a slight exaggeration that there is nothing in the political world that Charlie Cook can’t analyze, clarify or explain.Which is good news, because we had plenty to cover, starting with the Cook Political Report’s Midterm analysis. The report -- Political Environment and Congressional Breakdown Charts – is available only to Charlie’s subscribers. But he went into the details with me. I also asked Charlie about a recent piece he wrote – one with a headline sure to excite Democrats and frustrate Republicans: A Democratic Wave is Forming Off the Political Coast.What does the wave look like? And how will we know whether it’s real or just wishful thinking for Americans who need some political good news?Then near the end of the conversation, I asked Charlie about what I think is the issue our time – our great political divide. Charlie has a deep historical perspective. As you’ll hear, he’s been doing this for a while. And when he talks about what he sees going on in the country, multiple axis of divide, you can hear the anguish in his voice. It was pretty powerful.