Episode 24 - Batman 51 and 52 and Fantastic Four 1 - What does the city truly need?

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Aug 14 2018 74 mins  


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Hey everyone! This week we discuss Batman issues 51 and 52 and Fantastic Four issue 1! We went through our list of books that we were following and covering, and decided that we wanted to keep Batman on our list and didn’t want to fall that far behind. So, this week we decided to combine issues 51 and 52 in the discussion, as we feel the themes from the two issues go hand-in-hand and very much depicts two sides of the coin.

But before we get into comics, we catch on the week we had. The 3rd anniversary event in Dokkan battle is finally coming to an end, so moving forward we promise (maybe) to talk about Dokkan a little bit less. Jerry has been feeling under the weather lately, so please excuse all the coughs and sniffles in this episode!

The coffee we’ll be brewing this week is called Los Alpes roasted by Monigram Coffee Roasters out in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. The roasters aren’t very far from where we are here in Toronto, so maybe one day we’ll make the drive out to visit them!

What did you think about this episode? Are you excited that the Fantastic Four is finally back? Do you think Mr. Freeze is guilty or innocent? Send us an email or tweet at us to let us know your thoughts!

Time Stamps:

Intro: 0:06

Coffee Segment: 10:41

Comics Discussion: 17:59

Start of Fantastic Four 1 discussion: 20:47

Start of Batman 51 and 52 discussion: 35:40

Offerings to Darkseid / Wrap-Up: 1:07:17


Fantastic Four 1

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Batman 51

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Batman 52

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Los Alpes roasted by Monigram Coffee Roasters


Offerings to Darkseid:

Jerry and Victor offers a joint recommendation, which is a band called Our Last Night

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