Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 8

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Dec 02 2019 59 mins  

0:34 When We Gon’ Get?

-Castlevania Season 3, Ducktales Season 3, Kong vs Godzilla, Black Widow, No Time to Die

10:38 Preferred way to View Trailers (and lose feeling in your arms)

The Questions Times:

13:40 What is a non-christmas movie that you and your family watch during the holidays?

15:45 What new IP would you produce with a $300 mil budget?

21:27 With that $300 mil budget what would you reboot/make a sequel to?

New Trailers this week:

30:05 The Last Full Measure

31:29 The True History of the Kelly Gang (EXPLICIT)

33:19 Three Christs

34:37 Honey Boy

37:02 Star Wars: TRoS “They fly now!?”

38:07 Beyond the Law

41:00 Star Wars with Tommy Wiseau (EXPLICIT)

42:34 The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen (EXPLICIT)

43:41 Miracle Workers Season 2

44:25 Doctor Who Series 12

45:02 Dispatches from Elsewhere


46:05 Two Bears One Cave podcast live tour trailer

Bert’s trailer:

Tom’s rebuttal trailer (EXPLICIT)

Bert’s reaction to Tom’s trailer (SUPER EXPLICIT)


51:28 Jumanji the (PS2) Game

52:45 Fuji VR game

54:11 WWE 2K20 “Ballroom Brawl”

55:40 Gris launch trailer

57:00 FF7 Remake

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