Asha Rangappa: How Will the Mueller Investigation End?

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Apr 13 2018 32 mins  

How will it end?For any of us following the Mueller investigation -- hanging on the latest leaks around the mood inside the White House and who might get fired or not fired – the wonder of what’s next is relentless. The possibilities seem endless.That’s why for many of us, we’re getting a crash course in Constitutional Law – indeed in our Constitution itself – seeing in real time how and whether our government works.What happens if Robert Mueller gets fired? Can he be? What about Rod Rosenstein? What does a Constitutional crisis look like – what does it mean?No need to worry – Asha Rangappa can explain. You likely know, Asha is a frequent CNN contributor and senior lecturer at Yale’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, where she teaches National Security Law and related courses. But as you’ll hear, Asha’s personal story is extraordinary and would make for a fascinating conversation on just its own: Asha is the Indian-American daughter of immigrants and speaks fluent Spanish. She was a Fulbright scholar and took that opportunity to Bogota, Colombia – where else, right? There Asha studied Colombian constitutional reform and its impact on U.S. drug policy. After Yale law school, she clerked in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in San Juan, Puerto Rico.Following that stint, Asha went on to do what any Princeton & Yale graduating, Fulbright-winning, Federal Court clerking person would: She joined the FBI as a Special Agent and later served as Associate Dean at Yale Law School.Sorry, I realize you likely now feel lousy about yourself. So do I. To make it worse, as you’ll hear in our conversation, Asha’s also really funny and smart and totally personable. I hate her. But I do think you’ll love the podcast.