How To Make A Blockbuster Film With Zero Funding with Brian Vowles

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Aug 07 2019 72 mins  
What would it be like if you could make your own blockbuster film with your family as cast and crew? It all begins with a smartphone, two boys and a playful Dad in the Animation industry. Brian Vowles is our guest in Episode 64 of the SBP Podcast. Brian is a professional animator, video effects, compositor and concept artist gone rogue as a filmmaker. Brian’s dream has always been to be an animator and work on films for a living. He recounts growing up watching old films using animation for effects and being very attracted to that part of filmmaking. Then, Jurassic Park and other films of the like came along and blew his mind. Today, he makes his living doing what he loves. But he also loves his kids and his wife, and so he shares how he went from working endless hours on films you’ve heard about to working on more reasonable, if not—family-friendly projects professionally. In the back of his mind, he always wanted to create his own film project. One day he realized his smartphone camera was pretty incredible and decided to begin his dream film with the cast and crew he loves more than anything else: His family. And so he embarked in an adventure, not just in real life but on film. “Robot Attack” has already won some awards and been in a few film festivals, something he was not even thinking about when he made the film. You may be thinking that if his family was cast and crew, there was no need for things like, pre-production industry standards. Fact is, there was a lot of that in his filmmaking process and it began with The Pitch and moved on to Production Meetings with his two boys who were around 6 and 7 years old. The entire process was documented and the story behind the story of this film is pretty remarkable. Especially when you come to terms with the fact this is a Dad whose kids played a big role in all aspects of the filmmaking process. If you have kids, you know how hard it can be to just get them to bed, much less complete a film from beginning to end. Something even the most adultish filmmakers can find to be a huge challenge! Brian was a lot of fun to chat with and the incredible story he shares is truly inspiring. He shares the work involved in creating giant robots opposite little children in action scenes and being on set for hours just to capture the basics to then spend hours and hours behind the computer creating the movie-magic we are used to in Hollywood films. Brian’s latest film is a one minute film for the Action Scene challenge he made for Film Riot and Collective. Brian shot his latest film, RUN” with the iPhone XR and it is truly mesmerizing! SBP Podcast: The Voice of Mobile Film™ is for everyone who ever wanted to or is curious about making movies and videos using smartphones. Watch both films below. Robot Attack, shot with iPhone 5S: 11min. 34 secs. Run, shot with iPhone XR: One Minute Below are a couple videos mentioned in the video and a before and after comparison of what was filmed and what ended up in “Robot Attack.” Robot Attack BTS Episode 18: Robot Attack BTS, the tripod tears incident: Before and after comparison video of “Robot Attack.”: Brian is online. Check out his websites and follow him: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Robot Attack Movie Website: Our Links: Submit a short or feature length mobile film to IMFF 2020: Subscribe, support and listen to bonus episodes and more on Patreon: SBP Podcast Blog: SBP Podcast Website: iTunes/Apple Podcasts: International Mobile Film Festival Website: Facebook: Twitter: []( MFTV (Mobile Film Network Distribution Channel): Hashtag: MobilizeStories Mobile Film Community Website: Susy Botello on Twitter: SBP Podcast on Spotify: Smartphone Filmmaking Publication on Medium: Need a gimbal to go with your smartphone camera? Purchase a gimbal online to receive 10% off entire order at Check Out. Use promo code "susy" for the discount: Are you starting a Podcast? Create a new podcast or network and use the code sbppodcast to apply a 25% discount and save: © Copyright 2019 S. Botello Productions™. All rights reserved.