Jennifer Palmieri: Who Will Be the First Woman President?

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Apr 09 2018 38 mins  

Why is Hillary Clinton not the first woman President?Many people, political types, historians and sociologists will consider that question for many years to come. But besides Hillary Clinton herself, the people who surely must think about it most are the ones who worked with her for years and during the campaign.Jennifer Palmieri is one of them.You may know: Palmieri was Director of Communications for Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Previously she served as President Obama’s White House Director of Communications, National Press Secretary for the 2004 John Edwards presidential campaign and for the Democratic National Committee in 2002. She also was Deputy White House Press Secretary under Bill Clinton.That’s quite a history in politics, but Jennifer hasn’t written a strictly political book. Instead she’s written – based on the campaign, certainly – a compelling and important reflection on the future. And it’s excellent.The book is “Dear Madam President: An Open Letter to the Women Who Will Run the World,” and it’s already a New York Times best-seller. Palmieri wrote it in the form of a letter – addressed to the future first woman President, whoever she may be.Palmieri considers it all – history, gender bias, campaign mistakes, Donald Trump – and offers advice to the girls and women who, as she puts it, will run the world.Why is this book breaking through? There’s no bitterness. More importantly, it’s incredibly reflective. Palmieri writes not only about political life, but also what she’s learned through death – specifically, her sister Dana and her friend and wife of her former boss, Elizabeth Edwards.In a time of #MeToo and even #EnoughisEnough, the result is a really thoughtful story that captures our times and provides clear insights about the future.