Your Mobile Film Biography During The Corona Virus

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Mar 31 2020 15 mins  

Episode 76

The situation around the world brings us to a lifestyle unlike we have ever experienced as humans. There have been world wars and stock market crashes, the Great Depression and 9/11, all documented in history books. But we are in a unique situation that has never existed in this way…and something that has never happened in conjunction with such a situation is the ability for ordinary people around the world to document it.

Imagine if during WWII, everyone had a smartphone camera. What if the internet and social media existed? During 9/11, blogs were a big deal and some of us had video cameras. But the situation right now is different. Almost everyone has access to a phone with a video camera and that means everyone can document their experience and share it. The reality is that while most people have access to the internet, we are stuck at home. And not all of us have internet access at home.

How can someone without the internet share their experience? How can creative content creators, people in the video and film industry document their experience?

Listen to episode 76 of the SBP Podcast to find out how to capture your experience into a story that you can share later. But if you don’t want to ever share it publicly, learn how to best capture your perspective of these times using your smartphone. In this episode I share some pointers, tips and ways you can capture your video using some primitive techniques without added gear, which can be hard to purchase right now.

If you have never thought about making a movie or documentary about anything, the story you, and all of us, are a part of is too big to ignore. And the perspective you bring to it as a part of history—that should not be ignored because yes, you matter just as much as any celebrity or VIP in the world today.

SBP Podcast: The Voice of Mobile Film™ is for everyone who ever wanted to or is curious about making movies and videos using smartphones.

Watch a brief video sharing the story of the International Mobile Film Festival created in preparation of this year’s 2020 edition before the Corona COVID-19 Virus situation:

Sponsors for the 2020 edition of the International Mobile Film Festival, mentioned in this episode: Red Giant: Swords and Circuitry Studios: Film Convert: Engraving Pros: Star Wars Steampunk Universe: Indiana Filmmakers Network:

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