Rep. Jim Jordan: "Just Ask Me"

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Oct 04 2017 20 mins  

So a couple of weeks ago, I saw Rep. Jim Jordan – Republican from Ohio’s 4th congressional district – say something on TV that I feel I see our politicians say all the time and I never believe: Call me.Rep. Jordan was reacting to something that had been written about him, something he said was flat out wrong. If you want to know what I think, he said, just ask me.So I did. And Rep. Jordan kept his word… this podcast is the result. Specifically, I wanted to ask the Freedom Caucus Congressman about two main issues – the budget and tax reform plans. I wanted to ask him about Republican leadership and any tensions within the Republican Party. And given the Las Vegas tragedy, I wanted to ask him about that, too – not to have a gun control debate… that’s for another podcast – but to ask him the straightforward question that’s on my mind and, I know, on the minds of many others: Is there any role government can play in helping prevent the proliferation of these mass murders?Rep. Jordan took on all of my questions, which I guess is what one should expect from a two-time NCAA wrestling champion – a fellow who won one of his titles by defeating a future two-time U.S. Olympic gold medalist and four-time world champion.Before we begin though, I want to repeat an ask that I’ve been making on these podcasts: I hope you like these conversations. If so, I’d appreciate if you’d take a moment, go to iTunes, and, if you’re so moved, leave a 5-star review. The ratings really matter. As always though, if you don’t like the conversations, please forget I ever mentioned it.That’s it. Here’s my conversation with Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio…