Brian Abrams: Understanding Obama

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Jul 13 2018 33 mins  
It feels like a lifetime ago, I know. But so much of what’s happening today – the divides, anger, insults, policy realities – have emerged as a reaction to the Obama years. To understand today, it helps to understand what came before.Brian Abrams makes an important contribution to the process. Abrams specializes in oral histories – talking with key players and letting their words, almost exclusively, tell the story.Done well, this approachthoughtful narrative. That’s exactly what Abrams did his new book “Obama: An Oral History.”It’s a rare opportunity to relive and understand the Obama years, from the inside. Brian talked with many of the key players, Democrats and Republicans. He joined me for a terrific conversation – just what you’d expect from a great storyteller. I think you’ll like it.