Michael D. Shear, White House Correspondent at the New York Times

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May 29 2014 32 mins  

You think it’s hard to manage your life? Your schedule runs at the mercy of your boss or your clients or spouse or kids… Well, I’m pretty confident your life is smooth sailing compared to today’s guest.Michael D. Shear is White House Correspondent at the New York Times. In other words, when the most powerful person in the world decides to go to Hawaii or Capitol Hill or Afghanistan or the Washington, D.C. streets to buy a hot dog, you’ve got to be ready to drop everything and go. The tradeoff, of course, is spectacular – a front row seat to history, getting to know the President’s personality and, to some extent, his thinking.What’s that tradeoff like? What does life become when you cover the President – particularly this President. And from the VA scandal to CIA name leaks to Obamacare to Midterms, given the front-row vantage point, what can we learn about some of the major issues and politics facing the White House today?