Episode 30 - Batman #56, Justice League #9, Blackbird #1

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Oct 09 2018 79 mins  

Greetings Dark Roast Citizens! Coming up in this episode we dive into the determination of Batman #56, a clash of ideals in Justice League #9, and the brand new magical world of Blackbird #1.

But before we get into comics, we talk a bit about the upcoming NBA season. We’re both huge basketball fans, so we give a bit of thoughts on what we might be able to expect with the new season, especially with teams that got some upgrade over the summer. We also just celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving over the weekend, so happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

The coffee we’ll be brewing this week is called Buena Vista roasted by Rosso Coffee Roasters. This is the first time we got something from Rosso Coffee Roasters, so we’re very excited about the coffee that will be accompanying our discussion this week.

What did you think about this episode? Do you think Batman is on a suicide mission? Do you agree with Superman or Batman in Justice League? What do you think will happen to Nina next in Blackbird? Let us know what you think!


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Time Stamps:

Intro: 0:06

Comics segment: 5:00

Start of Batman #56 discussion: 6:28

Start of Justice League #9 discussion: 24:22

Start of Blackbird #1 discussion: 44:56

Coffee discussion: 1:04:02

Offerings to Darkseid / Wrap-Up: 1:07:22



Click here

Justice League #9

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Blackbird #1

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Buena Vista roasted by Rosso Coffee Roasters


Offerings to Darkseid:

Jerry recommends a board game called Vengeance

Victor recommends an anime called Fairy Tail: The Final Series

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