Acting In Mobile Films with Avaah Blackwell Episode 5

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Nov 21 2017 67 mins  
We have been listening to stories from filmmakers about how to make films using smartphones, but what about actors? What is their perspective being on the other side of the lens of a smartphone camera as a professional actor? We discuss this topic and the topic of the acting profession in-depth with Avaah Blackwell. Her performance in Figment directed by Mithran Maharajan was moving. Figment was nominated for Best Film in the inaugural Global Mobile Film Awards 2017. The film was a 21 minute story about a woman who is held captive in the basement of her husband’s home. Acting in Mobile Film, Episode 5 with Avaah Blackwell 11/20/17 SBP Podcast Mobile Film hosted by Susy Botello We open the discussion with Avaah’s background, studies and experience as an actor. As we continued our discussion, she shared the synopsis of the film in further detail along with her observation of how it was filmed with an iPhone from her perspective. We also discuss her experience as an actor. Avaah’s background includes the Toronto Smartphone Film Festival and we discussed her views and opinions on the industry along with some advice and tips for filmmakers and actors. Avaah Blackwell is a professional actor who has been working as a professional actor and if you want to know how you can make a film using your smartphone, you will want to get the perspective of a professional actor because adding quality to your film is not all about the tools to capture the footage. Yes, the story is key…but you will need very good actors to convey your story and the vision of the story to your audience. You will learn a lot about making amazing films around great stories with this podcast and you’ll want to see it through to the end for some really great tips from our guest. We asked Avaah to share some very sound advice to mobile filmmakers which is available on our Patreon page exclusively to our patrons at Avaah Blackwell is on IMDB IMDB Avail’s website Facebook Instagram Our Podcast website is International Mobile Film Festival The SBP Podcast was created by S. Botello Productions™