Episode 39 - Twists and reveals! Blackbird #3, Batman #60, Justice League #13, Venom #9, Shazam #1

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Dec 11 2018 86 mins  

Dark Roast Citizens! This week, we talk all sorts of twists and reveals with some brand new comics in Blackbird #3, Batman #60, Justice League #13, Venom #9, Shazam #1

But before we get into comics, Jerry continues to talk about Destiny 2 as he just can’t seem to get enough of the game, especially now that he has all the expansions! Victor makes up with Dokkan Battle as he dives right back into the Dragon Ball mobile game HOWEVER! Victor is cautiously optimistic about the direction of the game. We shall see!

The coffee we’ll be brewing this week is called Adipy roasted by Dispatch Coffee. This is a new roaster to our show, so we’re very excited to see what kind of flavour we’ll be getting.

Also! We’ve got a brand new segment this week, and we think it’s going to be a ton of fun moving forward. Let us know if you enjoy this new segment or not. We won’t say what it is here to keep it a surprise, so be sure to check out the episode for it!

What did you think about this episode? Were you surprised at the reveals in Blackbird #3? What is his end game in Batman? Where do the villains go from here in Justice League? Will Eddie do it in Venom? Did Shazam live up to the hype in the first issue for you? Lots of questions! Let us know what you think!


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Time Stamps:

Intro: 0:00:05

Comics segment: 0:06:22

Start of Blackbird #3 discussion: 0:07:44

Start of Batman #60 discussion: 0:20:42

Start of Justice League #13 discussion: 0:34:01

Start of Venom #9 discussion: 0:44:37

Start of Shazam #1 discussion: 0:54:48

Coffee discussion: 1:10:20

BRAND NEW SEGMENT! The Humble Heroes Agency: 1:14:22

Preview for next week / Outro: 1:23:10


Blackbird #3

Click here

Batman #60

Click here

Justice League #13

Click here

Venom #9

Click here

Shazam #1

Click here


Adipy roasted by Dispatch Coffee


The Humble Heroes Agency:

This is our brand new segment! We found that there were some awesome fan made superhero ideas out there, and we figured, let’s talk about some of those on the show and have some fun with them! You can find them at the Superhero Fanon Wikia page. If you have any cool superhero ideas that you’d like to share or have featured on this show, send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll be more than happy to feature it!

This week’s new Humble Heroes candidate: Clenchjaw!

You can find more about Clenchjaw here

The Cosmic Treadmill!

We will be winding down the length of this segment moving forward, as we realized (and talked about in our December Previews bonus episode) that the content of this segment is very similar to the bonus episodes that we do monthly. Also, we end up talking about a lot of the same points that we would potential say the week after, and we didn’t want this to become too repetitive or redundant. So moving forward in future episodes, we will basically be naming off the books we will be covering the following week, and not really go into details. If you’d like to discuss the new books ahead of our episode releases, feel free to hit us up on Twitter or visit our Facebook page/group and we can get a conversation started!

On the next episode: Batman Damned #2, Batman Who Laughs #1, Die #1, Green Lantern #2, God of War #2

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