Episode 22 - Venom 4 and The Magic Order 2 - Not everything is what we believe to be

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Jul 31 2018 71 mins  


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Hey everyone! This week we breakdown Venom 4 and The Magic Order 2! We get thrown in all sorts of directions with this new issue of Venom as we learn more about Venom’s true origin. With the upcoming Venom movie on the horizon, it’s a great time to be a Venom fan!

But before we get into comics, we breakdown some of the news and trailers that came out of SDCC! The DCEU hasn’t been doing very well these last few years, but we feel that they’re about to turn the tide! Aquaman and Shazam both look very promising!

The coffee we’ll be brewing this week is called the Komodo Dragon Blend, and it’s from Starbucks! We know a guy at Starbucks, so we scored ourselves some Starbucks to brew. We also take this time to kind of talk about the origin of our podcast name, and something a little embarrassing. We’ll just leave it at that.

What did you think about this episode? How do you like the new take on Venom’s origin? Do you think The Magic Order will make for a good TV show? Send us an email or tweet at us to let us know your thoughts!

Time Stamps:

Intro: 0:06

Coffee Segment: 7:50

Comics Discussion: 15:43

Start of The Magic Order 2 discussion: 16:11

Start of Venom 4 discussion: 35:23

Offerings to Darkseid / Wrap-Up: 1:05:47


The Magic Order 2

Click here

Venom 4

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Komodo Dragon Blend from Starbucks


Offerings to Darkseid:

Jerry recommends a webcomic called Cyanide and Happiness from explosm.net

Victor recommends a band called Palisades

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