Capture Amazing Event Videos With Smartphone Cameras with Francesca Jago Episode 51

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Mar 06 2019 66 mins  
Everywhere you go you bring your smartphone and so the incentive to capture it to share it is tough to ignore. While there are many events where recording is inappropriate or forbidden, the International Mobile Film Festival encourages everyone to bring their smartphones and interact with our event. Episode 51 of the SBP Podcast brings Francesca Jago from Get Ahead Media back to share tips and tricks on how to best capture events using your smartphone camera. Francesca Jago is the personality behind Get Ahead Media in New Zealand. She has been presenting and teaching smartphone video techniques to people around the world using online and live workshops and tutorials. She shares great techniques for entrepreneurs and small businesses to improve their video marketing skills. During Episode 51 of our podcast, Capture Amazing Event Videos With Smartphone Cameras we discuss a lot of topics regarding attending and filming events. We spoke a bit about recording under water and available waterproof cases for smartphones and audio techniques, and we delve a bit into the horizontal versus horizontal discussion. But the jest of the conversation revolves around recording events to create event videos, including lighting issues. We asked our new Facebook Group members, for the SBP Podcast, to ask a question they’d like us to ask our guest within the event recording topic. Brian Hennings from Australia, asked how to best capture video without intruding and bothering people at the event. Well, that was a bit complicated to answer and a great question to delve into. SBP Podcast: The Voice of Mobile Film™ is for everyone who ever wanted to or is curious about making movies and videos using smartphones. Watch Francesca’s latest video: Follow Francesca Jago at Get Ahead Media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Youtube (full of tutorials): Website: Other links worth checking out: Waitlist for Francesca’s Course: Guide - Create Pro Videos for your business using your iphone: Guide - Create Pro Videos for your business using your Android: *Our Links: * Subscribe, support and listen to bonus episodes and more on Patreon: SBP Podcast Blog: SBP Podcast Website: iTunes/Apple Podcasts: International Mobile Film Festival Website: Facebook: Twitter: Hashtag: MobilizeStories Mobile Film Community Website: Susy Botello on Twitter: SBP Podcast on Spotify: Smartphone Filmmaking Publication on Medium: Are you starting a Podcast? Create a new podcast or network and use the code sbppodcast to apply a 25% discount and save: © Copyright 2019 S. Botello Productions™. All rights reserved.