Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 14

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Jan 13 2020 75 mins  

1:00 What Ben watched this week

4:13 What Nick watched this week

8:40 The Questions Times: We already freed Willy. What needs to be freed today?

13:48 The Questions Times: If Disney decided to remake the Star Wars prequels, who would you tap to write/direct and star?

New New

21:50 The New Mutants

26:00 Hunters

27:41 Locke & Key

29:10 The Boy 2

30:52 Mythic Quest: Ravens Banquet

32:24 First Cow

33:56 Ben accidentally pepper sprays himself

34:25 Harley Quinn and the Chamber of Secrets or something

36:47 Waiting for Anya

38:40 FARGO!!!!

40:57 Devs


43:30 Master Chief vs. Predator

45:24 Master Chief vs. Iron Man

46:13 Blade vs. Geralt

47:36 Goku vs. Saitama (One-Punch Man)

49:03 Hellboy vs. the Thing (F4)

Question Times Responses

50:19 Whose voice would you want doing AI?

54:37 What personality for the AI?

58:54 What invention you want IRL?


1:06:45 Nick and Ben contemplate the upcoming Gollum game

1:11:00 Nick’s most awaited of 2020

1:11:50 Ben’s most awaited of 2020

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