Elizabeth Wilner, Kantar Media Ad Intelligence

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May 02 2014 25 mins  

There are two sporting events where the advertisements are watched as closely as the game itself – and we’re not talking today about the Super Bowl.We’re talking politics, and if you think it’s too early in the Midterm 2014 season to pay attention to the advertising, well then, you haven’t been paying attention.With key battles in multiple states, Senate control in question, and a flood of outside money already in the system, have we gone too far too quickly? At what point do voters tune out the noise? And what trends – placement, tone, frequency – might we expect to see from campaigns going forward?Few analyze, think or write about the political ad space more clearly than Elizabeth Wilner. She’s Senior Vice President of Kantar Media Ad Intelligence with oversight of its Campaign Media Analysis Group; Contributing Editor of The Cook Political Report; and former Political Director of NBC News.