Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 20 "The Dumb Dudes"

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Feb 24 2020 78 mins  

Episode 20 "The Dumb Dudes"


  1. 0:00 Welcome to Trailer Blazers, Ben and Nick have joined the ranks of the Uruk Hai this week and they need some fresh meat.

Watched this week

  1. 0:51 Nick: City of God, finished Swamp Thing, Jojo Rabbit,
    1. 3:48 been watching Indy movies while I run, we try to pick our favorites
  2. 5:03 Ben: Dragon Quest: Your Story, The Aeronauts, The Outsider, Night on Earth, bits of Initial D

The Questions Times

  1. 12:22 You win a contest and the prize is you get to pick a movie/show/game character's style to replace your wardrobe. Which character do you choose?
  2. 18:21 You get to reach back in time and bring a non-living object into our time and in your possession. What do you get?

New New

Rating system (Views): 1 = offensive/never again, 2 = inoffensive but i don’t wanna see it or the trailer again, 3 = Neutral, don’t want to see the trailer a bunch of times but may watch it. 4 = Wanna see the movie, don’t want to be overexposed to marketing. 5 = just hook it to my veins

  1. 22:30 Good Time
  2. 25:05 I’m Not Okay With This Official Trailer (Redband)
  3. 26:37 Castlevania S3
  4. 28:18 The Plot Against America
  5. 33:12 The Secret Garden trailer 2
  6. 34:24 Dream Horse
  7. 36:46 Amazing Stories (beloved series returns?)
  8. 39:04 Endings Beginnings

(pearl harbor without the planes and bucky ain't a soldier)

  1. 41:25 The Roads Not Taken
  2. 44:16 Human Capital (but really, which xmen could Maya hawke play?)
  3. 47:05 Westworld S3 (Redband)
  4. 51:10 Bad Education
  5. 52:48 The Postcard Killings
    1. Michael yelling Walt compilation

Trailer Mailers

  1. Questions Times responses
    1. 54:52 What Nintendo series do you wish was made into a quality movie or tv show?
      1. 54:58 Sheila: “Duck Tales! Jeopardy! Oh wait. A Zelda show might work for me.”
      2. 55:44 Rob: “Legend of Zelda would be cool as a PG-13 version of The Witcher or animated like the Netflix Voltron.”
      3. 56:47 Bridget: “Punch-Out!! could be a good movie. Move over Rocky, Little Mac is here to take over the boxing universe. Little Mac, big ambition.”
      4. 57:28 Charlie: “I totally would have said STARFOX, but my second choice would have to be some sort of MegaMan anime series.”
      5. 58:32 Jess: “An adaptation of Mario RPG or Super Smash Bros (cuz why not get all the Nintendos into one show/movie?)”
    2. 59:40 If you could have a pokemon for a pet, what would it be and why?
      1. 59:45 Sheila: “ One of the sleep-inducing Pokémon, because I am not a great sleeper. My initial picks are Clefairy or Jigglypuff. Snorlax is too big. My not practical Pokémon is Rapidash. Step aside, Mustang Sally!”
      2. 1:00:56 Rob: “If I have to choose one, I would go with my #3 favorite, Arcanine. He’s a fire breathing, super fast hound that can be used as a mount... Wartortle and Jolteon are my top two, but aren’t as practical.”
      3. 1:02:00 Bridget: “For practical Pokemon I would pick Lapras so I could ride around on the water in style. For cuteness, Rowlet is my absolute favorite Pokemon. In the show, Rowlet rides around in Ash's backpack, takes naps all the time and it has a little bowtie. I can't even handle it.”
      4. 1:02:52 Lindsay: “The tall exegcutor not even gonna try to spell that - has coconut heads on his tail!!!!”
      5. 1:04:14 Charlie: “Practical pet Pokémon- Klefki, because he can hold all my keys and also open portals to different realms. Cute pet Pokémon- Dedenne, because it’s definitely the cutest Pokemon and I love how he yells his name.”
      6. 1:05:55 Jess: “Jigglypuff - for a sleep aid and cuteness reasons, Pidgeot for flying / practical reasons”

1:10:43 VidYOgames ¼ Portion

  1. 1:11:06 next gen console pricing rumors
  2. 1:13:09 Stadia now usable on Samsung phones
  3. 1:13:52 Sonic at the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020 - Official Release Date Trailer (Mobile Game)
  4. 1:14:45 No Man's Sky: Living Ship DLC

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