Lost (No Spoilers) - TV Show Review - Zombies vs Heroes - Ep #2

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Nov 11 2016 17 mins  

Hello.... I'm your host Rohan Prashanth, and welcome to my show, Zombies and Heroes, where I review movies and T.V shows that have zombies, superheroes and everything in-between. I have recently gotten some feedback about the show’s title and I’ve decided to change the name from zombies heroes to zombies AND heroes to make it a little bit easier to say. (SPOILER ALERT)

Starting with today’s episode, I am introducing something new. We're going to pick a movie or a TV show. And then, between my dad and I, one of us will play the role of a Zombie - which means, their job is to say why the show or movie is bad, and why you should NOT watch it.And the other person is going to take on the role of a Superhero - and their job is to defend the show or movie, and talk about all the good things about it, and try to convince you why you SHOULD watch it.And at the end of the show, you, my dear listener, get to decide, who won - whether it was the Zombie, or the Superhero.In today’s episode my dad, Ravi Jayagopal, and I will review the TV show Lost. My dad will play the role of the superhero and I will play the role of the zombie.Listen to the entire show at http://ZombiesHeroes.comAnd I would really appreciate it if you would subscribe to my show on iTunes, or Android, or on your favorite podcast app, and leave me a review. See you next time, when I review the movie Doctor Strange.